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Eixams = Enjambres = Swarms

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Research related to the honeybee cosmos
in order to study and feel the swarm
through immersive and sensorial experiences

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A sensorial Trip

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Eixams is a creative research project around the world of bees. Study them and understand them through immersive experiences. Eixams is a container of research and experiments to put us at the service of bees at a critical moment like the current one
((although it is not clear who needs more here))
, offering both technical and videographic open documentation, as well as events in various formats (workshops, talks, artistic installations, etc.).

Eixams és un projecte de recerca creativa entorn al món de les abelles. Estudiar-les i entendre-les per mitjà d'experiències immersives. Eixams és un contenidor de recerca i experiments per a posar-nos al servei de les abelles en un moment crític com l'actual
(( malgrat que.no està clar qui necessita mes aqui ))
, tot oferint documentació oberta tant tècnica com videogràfica, així com esdeveniments en diversos formats (tallers, xerrades, instal.lacions artístiques entre altres).


Eixams has been open-sourced produced from scratch in all sections : physical computing, coding, beekeeper monitoring, and furniture of the haptical boards and its requirements. The next video shows about this last section : the one related to design and making process of the physical installation located on the expo room.

Experiments & Code
List of Eixams Apps

Eixams is an immersive experience driven by a bunch of custom applications and algorythms. In this video it is explained the concept of Prohpolium application which process incoming data from Beehive Sensors unit and models different growing combinations in the algorythms.


Tech Solutions // Physical Computing // Sensors@Hive

Raspberry + Arduino


Instruccions SensorsHiveCodingArduino+RPi.pdf



Creative Apps // Creative Coding // Puredata

Inspired and Extracted from Bee Cosmos

Puredata(Pd) App :// PROHPOLIUM v1 GLITCH

Instruccions PrOHpolium.vGlitch.pdf


Puredata(Pd) App :// PROHPOLIUM v2 SoundScapes

Instruccions PrOHpolium.v2.SoundScapes


Puredata(Pd) App :// Bee-_-DNA.zip

Rhythm Box based on the sonification of ApisMellifera (HoneyBee)'s DNA Each Aminoacid found at the DNA sequence is translated into a sound particle which togheter builds a music pattern/beat

Instruccions Bee-_-DNA.pdf


Puredata(Pd) App :// EixamsHiveBasicSonification

Basic Sonification with oscillators from the incoming sensors data

Instruccions EixamsHiveBasicSonification.pdf


Puredata(Pd) App :// LesAgudes.zip

Sonification of LesAgudes mountains skyline (Montseny/Girona) This is the based context of Eixams Research

Instruccions LesAgudes.pdf


Eixams Exhibitions >>

BEEHAVE Fundació Joan Miró 16/02/2018 - 21/05/2018
curadoria Martina Millà

La Capella BCN Producció 11/05/2018
Eixams presentation at St. Ponç Day

BEEHAVE Kunsthausbaseland 14/09/2018 - 11/11/2018
curadoria Ines Goldbach



interviews with beekeepers and apitherapists

4 haptic audiovisual installations

La Capella | Àlex Muñoz. Eixams (vos english)

(Spanish subtitle video

[Interviews Users] Eixams Sessions @ Beehave Expo Fundació Miró M.2018


Poster publication for La Capella BCN Producció 2017

by Aditi Lago


Research Team

Concept, Beekeping, Videostreaming, phisical beehive computing, Apiculture research, roject development
Alex Muñoz

Sonic Programming Applications // Haptical Techs // Making
Xavi Manzanares dAAX
Ones Hàptiques

Assessoria Apícola
Mel de Cal Vermell
Apis Urbis

Physical Computing Developers
Scott Zimmermann

Alex Muñoz [Foto Documentation + Video Documentation + Field Recordings]
Xavi Manzanares dAAX [Web + Tech + Apps]

Funds + Production

BCN Producció La Capella 2017 // Fundació Joan Miró // Institut de Cultura de Barcelona // Kunsthausbaselland


Networked researches


contact: alex@eixams.cc

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